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Latest Video

Eurofighter Typhoon in the Swiss Mountains

Join us as we accompany Noble, a German Airforce Eurofighter Typhoon Pilot through his day at ZigAirMeet where he gave a spectacular display between the mountains.

To the video!

About Us

25 Aug.


First Video

On this date our journey started, spontaneously we decided to drive to LSZR for a demo of the Diamond DA50 RG and film the experience.

We Are Prop Clear

As a Team we are best described as two passionate private pilots from Switzerland with an insatiable hunger for aviation.
Our home base is Zurich (LSZH).
Join our journey around Switzerland, Europe, and the world.

About Remo

I started flying back in 2018. I did my PPL on a Cessna 172 out of our home base in Zurich (LSZH). Currently, I fly mostly with the DA40 NG to explore the beauty of Europe.

About Akash

My boss at the time encouraged me to enroll in the training program of the Swiss Air Force. Although I didn't make it all the way, I got a taste of the sky and knew I had to pursue a PPL.
If I'm not flying, filming or editing I am probably working on my day job at avolut as a Software Engineer.

How We Met

It all started at an Aviation event of our flight school, where we met the first time. When two aviators meet, the hours usually go by very quickly. The idea to build our own YouTube Channel came during our Courchevel Rating in Summer 2021. We decided to share all our future aviation experience with the world.



We use a Canon EOS R5 for most of our filming. In flight we use action cameras as well as 360° Cameras to get the best shot.


Our arsenal for the R5 consists of an RF 50mm f1.2, an RF 15-35mm f2.8 and an RF 70-200mm f2.8.

Mate Box

To keep our camera settings consistent even under bright sunlight we use a PolarPro Base Camp Mate box.


For interviews we use the Rode Wireless Go II and if we need a third mic we have a Zoom F2-BT which we also use in conjunction of a cockpit audio splitter to record ATC


For video editing our tool of choice is the newest version of Davinci Resolve by Blackmagic.
For images we use Capture One Pro.


Other tools we use include: Planoly for Instagram content planning, Milanote for project oversight and notes, Calendy for scheduling.


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